Just Roll with It!

Just Roll with It!

Game Description A forward-3rd-person-perspective level-based runner/platformer video game. Currently in-development. The game is based around two love-struck eyeballs who just cant seem to get a break. Blinky, the green-eyed fellow, is in a constant pursuit for his lovely female-counterpart, Winky. Just Roll with It - Winky Due to misfortune, Blinky must go on the adventure of an eyeball-sized life-time through graveyards, circus shows, and space, all to save the love of his life. Just Roll with It - Blinky and Winky Planned Updates(Kanban Board)


Taking a break from this for a bit... This is an amazing project and is very fun. I have made MANY updates that have not been mentioned on this game page. I have trouble balancing social-updates on games with development. When I started this project, I was pretty young in my game dev studies. I have grown much since then. I have grown to realize the importance of planning, scaling, and setting projects that are just barely past my skill level. I took a hard look at this project and realized it is a little large for one person. There are several other projects I could complete in a margin of the time it would take to finish this game. So I have chosen to delay further development of this project - pending a review in 2023. I made this decision around spring time of 2021 but am still learning to balance updates with development. I am NOT done with the work I will be doing on this project. I WILL return to it. However, when I return to it, I will have a much higher skill level than when I started. I have learned so much already from my projects Ive studied until now. This knowledge will be applied one day. I will miss you Blinky. - ps - in case you are curious of the updates I have made since I have last posted...
Dynamic way to add new characters(means more playable characters in the end) Several new playable and non-playable characters A comic book theme was made as the main game theme Animations, sounds, music, lots and lots and lots of physics and junk Sooooo much story-boarding Enemies have been added Multiple movement types depending on the level and enviornment COMPLETE GRAPHICS OVERHAUL!!!! Levels 1-5 have been created(thought a lot of the models are placeholders and will be replaced) Powers, points, tokens, achievements....
Only a fool would think I didnt care about this project or that I wouldnt return to it. My passion is strong, but there must be good order. :) Updated: 06/21/2022

Loften Sauce! Don't ask questions... Updated: 07/29/2020

Just Roll with It! - Loften Sauce!

Adjusted the lighting and fixed some performance issues Added these boss lanterns and reduced global lighting to add a more eirie lighting to the environment. The performance, omgosh the performance. It took days to fix the performance issues. Twas a combination of lighting issues, vertice count, and culling. Updated: 07/19/2020

Graveyard lighting and lanterns Graveyard lighting and lanterns Graveyard lighting and lanterns

Workin on some new art for yallz! I realized some of you actually like this game so far. So I spent some time getting some art, updating the website, doing some social sharing. Working hard on finding some ways to engage with the community while still doing some actual work. Thinking about making a FREE downloadable coloring book featuring the characters from Just Roll with It! Updated: 07/18/2020

Just Roll with It desktop background

I made an evil clown with a large hammer Working on characters for the circus levels. Welcome, evil clown! This is just concept art. Finished version to come. Will probably have a hat and a bow tie. Updated: 07/15/2020

Just Roll with It - Evil Clown

Relying on some team efforts Today I opened up a bit and allowed some of those closest to me to help me with this project. I will be gradually adding more help over time but will likely keep the help to friends and family. More family time and faster development. Not to mention im now allowed to sleep! Updated: 07/12/2020

Just Roll with It desktop background

Made it official! Blinky and Winky in their first official profile images featuring plent of emotions and faces! Updated: 07/11/2020

Just Roll with It desktop background

Messed up and made all the grass pink. Attempted to update to unity's "Universal Render Pipeline". But Blinky was NOT down for that, bro. So he made all the grass pink. =[ Unfortunately, Unity does not offer support unless you pay them for it. But its cool, I figured it out. However, a bunch of things from the default render pipeline wont work in the URP, so I had to revert. It's okay unity, I forgive you. <3 Updated: 06/08/2020

Unity material problems with universal render pipeline Unity material problems with universal render pipeline

Finished a beautiful level 1 land mass Worked really hard and built a huge level 1 land and built a standard for how I will build other levels. I've spent the last few months going through some tutorials for blender and general modeling. Ive also been looking into some unity tutorials and general game dev studies. Updated: 04/15/2020

Playing around with title screens. Been working on a title screen. This thing is getting real, yo! Its a live screen so the player can control more than just button clicks. Might not keep it this way. Updated: 01/20/2020

Added the first custom 3d object(gravestone) to the game, created in blender. Took 3 days to perfect this gravestone. Two of the three days were spent on purely manually merging intersecting object faces, which are just deleted in unity, leaving giant holes in the object. Updated Hud to use the wooden-board background. It added a nice cartoony-touch to the game, which was much needed. Updated: 01/08/2020

Added a Gif Functionality and put site online Now a user will be able to record Gameplay and export as a gif! Hopefully we can add a social sharing feature for the gif as well in the future... Updated: 01/01/2020

Just Roll with It gameplay
Just Roll with It - full hero